[Feature] "Dark Cleric" skills

New Cleric abilities that create an alternative play style for the Cleric focusing on debuffing the enemy. You would still have access to all the current abilties to mix and match as well. Here are a few suggested skills.:

- Blood Feast: A percentage of all damage done by the Cleric for a duration heals all allies near the Cleric.
- Enfeebling Gaze: Ranged debuff attack that significantly reduces a single enemy's attack power for a duration.
- Palsy: Create a ranged AoE circle that slows down the movement and attack speeds of enemies inside of it.
- Decaying Touch: The Cleric's attacks do extra demolition damage for a duration.
- Vampire's Kiss: A strong melee attack that heals the Cleric matching the amount of damage done.

Under consideration Feature Suggestion Suggested by: Xeth Nyrrow Upvoted: 11 Mar Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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