[FEATURE] Scoring Changes (not only winning by core %)

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My suggestion would be to not only win based on Core %. core % should be points based on percentage, but also adding captured points at the end of the game (otherwise the guy that backdoored 3mins into the game and its been stalemated the remainder of the match won the entire game.) It would also feel more rewarding for Spec Ops to actually fulfill their role. Maybe adding points for keep percentage destroyed/protected (for castle guard and spec ops/assault teams to earn points for their team). Just seems like the current system is so lack luster and not rewarding for a castle guard squads (on a winning team as they aren't earning points and just sitting there). And not incentivizing for Spec ops to fulfill their role as it stands most people vote to be on the assault team and don't want volunteer for the other 2 squads as often. I feel like updating the scoring system would make players feel like they're benefitting their team regardless of the squad they volunteer/get placed on.

Under consideration Feature Suggestion Suggested by: Shark Upvoted: 14 Jun Comments: 24

Comments: 24

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