[Feature] Cleric Assists

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I noticed Clerics dont get any assists points from keeping a target alive during a fight unless you hit the target yourself. I think a direct heal should award you some sort of assist on the kill for keeping your teamate alive in a fight. you get 3 heals every 15 seconds and if you dont heal the target for a certain amount you dont even get the healing points. and the heal points are only 60 points. which is fine for area heal. but mid fight keeping targets alive with direct healing the target doesn't feel as rewarding as it should. Generally mage and warriors are the kill leaders of the games. which is understandable. but I feel like us Cleric mains wont be the ones getting kills constantly like the other classes do. and unless we hit that target we get rewarded very little.

Under consideration Feature Suggestion Suggested by: Prehuman Upvoted: 10 Jul, '23 Comments: 4

Comments: 4