[Feature] Remove P2W from Warlander

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There are 4 items in the cash shop that offer competitive advantages in game. I have attached a screenshot of each item including descriptions.

These items allow you to level faster, get more or better items faster, or reroll items to have more desirable perks on your gear. Only 1 can be bought with the in-game currency that you get from playing. The rest can only be purchased by spending real money.

I realize these items are not on the level of Diablo Immortal or EA Sports Ultimate Team games. They do offer a competitive advantage for real money though and there is no argument against it.

I ask PLAION to remove the 3 boosters from the game and remove the ability to buy Aura Crystals for real money.

Done Feature Suggestion Suggested by: Jimi Puffit Upvoted: 15 May Comments: 14

Comments: 14