[Feature] Class Balance

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you guys really need to do something about class balance, why are warriors so overpowered ?

warriors have:

-the largest health bar by far which is fine cause that is expected for a tank class

-the best movility in the game in the game, they can travel a really far distance while doing damage/stagger, guess there is accel for clerics but beside speed boost it doesnt do anything else,

-they do more damage with assault crossbow than mages with magic arrows, so at this point they are just better mages,

-nearly every skill they have 1 shot mages.

- they got a lot of AoE CC like skills and every sword swing is stagger so they just perma stun lock you in place so it doesnt matter how much hp you have as a mage,

sure mages have 1 shot aoe, but this do nothing against 600 hp pool even with mythic skills, flash step for mage is so god damn short you might aswell remove 1 carge and quadruple the distance cause that skill is bad for an escape skill

Under consideration Developer Note Feature Suggestion Suggested by: Draxido Upvoted: 14 Jul, '23 Comments: 57

Comments: 57